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Individual training and coaching within the cycling disciplines road cycling, mountainbiking and gravel riding

Available for online coaching!

Get to Know Us

We provide high-level training and coaching services to cyclists at all levels and all ages

our philosophy

​Optimal training planning should be centered on the personal needs of an athlete in relation to goals, ambitions, physical and mental strengths and weaknesses and most importantly everyday life constraints.

Training Solutions

Our individual training solutions are focused on  goal-oriented and detailed planning that creates structure and specificity in your training and thereby target physical, technical and mental progression and development.

performance testing 

Endura Consulting offers INSCYD testing in order to provide our clients with the best possible conditions for training accuracy and performance optimization.


INSCYD testing provides a remote test set-up, which means that you can do the testing  during training, send data to your coach, and then it will be analysed in the ‘INSCYD virtual lab' to provide a complete performance profile.

Training Camps

Our training camps aims to deliver high quality training on the bike and a pleasant experience off the bike.


Learn more about our training camps.

Trek future racing talent community

We collaborate with The Trek Future Racing Talent Community, with the focus to provide high quality training planning and coaching for young mountainbikers.


Learn more about the individual training and coaching packages for members of the talent community.

Latest FROM THE blog

Thoughts and notes on important aspects related to training and performance.

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