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Training Philosophy

#1 A personal process towards motivating goals

#2 Patience, focus and continuous training

#3 The personal needs of an athlete

An individually designed training plan, is  aiming for a personal process towards one or more motivating goals, where the coach-athlete relation and the personal training plan defines the foundation of physical, technical and mental development and leads to optimized performance levels.

Optimal training planning should be centered on the personal needs of an athlete, in relation to goals, ambitions, physical and mental strengths and weaknesses and most importantly everyday life constraints (family, friends, work, school, etc.), as it defines how much time and effort an individual can put into training. Doing so makes the training process a ‘healthy process’, where the body and mind is managing both being a highly motivated athlete and everyday person.

A high performance level is based on a solid foundation of endurance and functional strength, as it makes the body responsive and resilient to periods of high training loads or intense training. So by emphasizing endurance and functional strength combined with sports specific skill training, the body will be primed for taking on high intensity training in periods leading up to races and competitions.


Training periodization and polarization are the powerful tools for managing the right combination between training stimulus (load) and training response (adaptation), and thereby increase performance levels on the short-term and long-term perspective of the training process. 

It takes patience, focus and continuous training to excel in endurance sports, no matter the level and age of the athlete, but training should still be fun and varied thereby keeping it motivating.

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