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5 tips for optimizing recovery

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Recovery is crucial to performance enhancement - but how to get it right? There are so many recommendations and paths to take, that you risk to 'burn out' before having it sorted out!

If you keep it simple, and stick to recovery strategies that works, then you can focus on getting in quality in your training.

''Recovery does not have to be fancy! In fact it is quiet simple. Make sure to make some healthy 'recovery-habb' and get them dialed into your every day life.”

Here are 5 important aspect that promotes quality recovery and thereby enhance peformance.

1) Sleep: This is the most important aspect of recovery, and consistently getting enough sleep, will optimize your recovery and performance. Yet it can be one of the hardest things to fullfill, as a busy daily schedule often compromise time in bed! But if you want to perform physical, mentally and technically in training and competition you better get your sleep!

2) Nutrition: The body needs fuel and building blocks to execute training and respond weel to it, and improve overall performance levels. It is all about 'timing and content'! Getting the right stuff onboard at the rigth time day in and day out. By making some simple personal guidelines on when and what to eat and drink in relation your training sessions and competitions, will help to get ind the right nutrition before, during and thereby optimize performance. Further good nutritional habbits will help you in your everyday life as well!

3) The 80/20-rule: 80 % of your result come from 20 % of your effort. This applies in the stock market, in your training and your receovery as well. So make sure to get your sleep, eat the right stuff, as they are most likely resposible for your 80 % of your training outcome. All the fancy recovery assecories in the market migh help a bit, but propably not that much as the producents claims!

4) Functionaltraining: This will keep your body strong and resistent to heavy trainingloads and reduce the risk of injuries. So makes sure to do your core work, lift heavy and do mobility drills every week all year round!

5) Be content and cultivate gratitude: A positive attitude promotes mental health and a mentally healthy athlete most likely repsond better to training and performs better. So be content in your every day life, and train to cultivate gratitude towards your effort in training and competition, even when it not goes according to the plan!

'Remember that during recovery fitness happens, so make recovery first priority in your training regime'

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