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The importance of seasonal Assesment!

As the season comes to an end it's time to look back at your training and competitions to learn and understand the process!

Evaluating the ‘old’ season by doing a thorough assessment of the training process is of major importance if you want to improve and get better the next season.

You need to look at the big picture, but also dig into the ups and downs every athlete experiences during a long season. In the details there are many ‘lessons learned’ and ‘take home messages’, that gives you valuable information for the planning ahead!

At Endura Consulting we focus on two important aspects when assessing a season. Firstly, we do a 'performance assessment', where we dive into the data from training and competition throughout the season. Secondly, we do a 'Coach-Athlete Seasonal Review'.

Going through data from a whole season is a quite demanding process, but when you get everything sorted out and lined up, you will get a lot of valuable information that explains the ups and downs, and the overall process!

The Coach-Athlete Seasonal Review can be a very learningful process, where the primary goals are to:

  • Learn as much as possible from the past season. Including the training process, the competitions and the Coach-Athlete relationship.

  • Gain knowledge and information for the planning of the coming season.

  • Identify ways in which training and performance can be optimized.

  • Improve the communication and understanding between coach and athlete.

To get really into these aspects, the athlete will do a questionnaire to reflect and evaluate. For the athlete this is an important process, where it is important to be honest to oneself and the coach.

In the end you need to make the puzzle, and get everything together. The coach and the athlete will go through the questionnaire and combine this with the 'performance assessment'. Brought together things get really interesting and you will get all the neat details and useful learnings!

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