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INSCYD Testing - A new insight into training

Are you one of the many cyclists or mountainbikers solely focusing on FTP?

Do you find it hard to keep improving your numbers in training or your overall performance level in competition?

If yes, then it might be time to start looking at other important performance parameters like VLamax, VO2max and FATmax!

VLamax, VO2max and FATmax are very important performance parameters to consider in relation to what you, as an athlete, specifically want to improve in training to perform better in competition.

If you include these parameters in your training, together with your anaerobic threshold, then improvements are much more likely to happen, as you not only consider one parameter (FTP/Anaerobic Threshold), but take into account different energy system and how they affect each other!

An INSCYD Performance Test can help you beyond ‘just the numbers’, and give you new insights into training and optimize your level of performance.

The cool thing about INSCYD Testing is that you can carry out the test yourself in training, send the data to your coach, who will process the data in the INSCYD software, and provide you with feedback and training recommendations.

Endura Consulting offers INSCYD testing in order to provide athletes with the best possible conditions for training accuracy and performance optimization.

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