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Gains to be made - strength and functional training

It’s no surprise that strength- and functional training is an important part of a solid training plan, if you want to:

  • Get faster on the bike – more endurable, power full and efficient.

  • Become more resilient to heavy training loads and high intensity workouts.

  • Stay injury free along the process.

There is no ‘one size fits all’-workouts or training plans, and therefore strength- and functional training has to be adjusted to the individual athletes:

  • Goals in training and competition

  • Physical strengths and weaknesses

  • Experience with strength- and functional training

At Endura Consulting we provide comprehensive programs for strength- and functional training for all of our athletes and in all our training plans. The programs and exercises are based on science and theoretical knowledge, years of practical experience, the specific demands of the discipline (ROAD/MTB/CROSS/GRAVEL) and the individual needs of an athlete.

We make build-in instructional videos along with the programs, to ensure that the athletes perform exercises correctly and get the intended purpose.

'Remember the ‘strongest’ and most successful riders are those who train strength and functionality every week on a yearly basis.'

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