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Goal setting – the mental process to physical gains

If you don’t have goals you don’t have a direction!

Goals create a direction in your training process and stimulates your evolution as an athlete.

Goals create determination focus and adherence, and thereby makes it much more likely, that you will succeed in training and competition.

Setting goals is an ongoing process that need thoughts and considerations, as goals have to be specific and personal in relation to what you want to achieve in the end and how you will get there by working on specific aspect week in, week out!

One of the most important things when setting goals it to make them clear and tangible in a way that they create direction, motivation and are realistic to achieve, but at the same time are challenging to ensure that you will work hard to get there.

  • Goals have to be clear and create a direction for your progression and evolution as an athlete, and in the end determine what you want to achieve as an athlete.

  • Big goals have to be supported by smaller goals, which provides the small steps you need to take in order to take the big leaps towards the main goals. You have to know the road to the goal!

  • Your goals – big as small – should be adjusted along the process, to secure a dynamic process in accordance with how you progress in training and perform in competition.

In order to achieve your goals, you have to consider the following aspects.

  • Goals need to have a certain range, as they can easily become too narrow and specific, which makes them very hard to attain and thereby might blur your overall development and progress. You can easily move in the right direction as an athlete, without achieving your goals. So make sure most of your goals have a certain range.

  • Goals have to be visible and in your consciousness to attain awareness and focus on the details and the overall process.

  • Goals have to be shared with close relations, to create an understanding of your commitment, drive and focus.

  • Goals have to be celebrated when achieved, as it generates joy and awareness on things are going in the right direction.

Just as training sessions has to be completed in order to generate physical progress in the long run, goal setting has to be made in order to generate mental awareness, commitment and motivation along the process. It is not enough just to have the goals in your head. You need to get them down on paper, as this tends to generate ownership and commitment, which in the end make you much more likely to achieve them.

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